Save My 1 Year 8 Month Old Baby From Stage 3 Wilms Tumour ! Please Support!

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Y. G Krishna Rao Wants to raise funds for his 1 year 8 month old daughter’s Stage 3 Wilms’ tumor(Kidney) treatment. Your donations can guide him to reach his fundraising goal. Please support this fundraiser.

On 7th July 2020, Baby Y Noma Sree admitted in PICU at Rainybow Childrens Hospital, Banjarahills, Hyderabad with the complaint of respiratory distress. She was started on low flow oxygen, IV fluids antibiotics, and in the view of low Hemoglobin child Blood Transfusion.

Baby is a right sided wilms tumour stage 3 (a rare kidney cancer that primarily affects children) also known as Nephroblastoma. it is the most common cancer of the kidneys in children). She received chemotherapy, and advised for Kidney tumor Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation if needed.

The approximate estimation would cost Rs 5 lakh for surgery and may go up if any complications. Post surgery chemo cycles needed and radiation may also be required, which will be a prolonged treatment. It may costs approximately Rs 10 lakh plus. Total fundraiser goal would be 15 lakh.

Every donation would be utilized for medical treatment and transfer to hospital or reimbursed against medications bill. So please requesting you all to support this fundraiser to save a child life.